Joyful Sound is about making sounds joyful again. Hearing loss does more than just interfere with communication, it breaks relationships, causes misunderstandings and increases stress levels.

We are here to help change that. Our qualified audiologists are trained to ensure the proper diagnosis as it provides the basis of rehabilitation of hearing for the adults and habilitation for the babies and children.

Joyful Sound has and will continue to invest in technology and training as we believe in providing the best audiology service to the patients and their loved ones in the journey to better hearing.

We use clinical audiometers which are calibrated annually for accurate diagnosis. We use middle ear measurement systems to support Ear Nose and Throat Consultants in their work pre and post surgery as well as assessments of Eustachian Tube Function.

Clinical Audiometers and Middle Ear Measurement systems

We invest in Real Ear Measurement systems to verify hearing aid fittings to meet international standards. Hearing aids are checked in HIT boxes to meet ANSI and IEC standards giving patients the better hearing is

Real Ear Measurement system

Joyful Sound has the GDPMD certification issued by the Medical Device Authority of Malaysia to increase patient confidence in the quality of the hearing aids we provide.

Making Sounds Joyful again.